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Bentonite Clay


100% Pure Bentonite Clay to assist in detoxification, skin/allergy conditions, and to assist with providing minerals for the body. Use as a face and body mask, as well as shampoo. There are a variety of other uses for this clay, please do your research.

Our Bentonite Clay is sourced from the Wyoming region and it is recommended for external use.

After using Bentonite Clay, your skin will feel very tight and dry. We suggest pairing this with the following Garner's Garden products:

  • Facial Toner (removes excess oil and clay from face)
  • Normalizing Face Oil (Use for a daytime facial moisturizer)
  • Vitamin C Facial Serum (Use for a nighttime facial moisturizer)

IMPORTANT: Do not allow this clay to come into contact with any metal surface once it is activated by water. This product was not intended to be used internally. This is sodium bentonite.

Ingredients: Sodium Bentonite